Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder


ActionCLUB is a group business education and mentorship programme that meets twice per month – our clubs have been running for years now and getting phenomenal results:

The 1st session is a 3-hour workshop, with a different topic every month against a 12-month curriculum.
The 2nd session (2 weeks later) is a 1.5 hour ‘accountability’ session to help members get the strategies implemented fast.

To book or find out more – e-mail us at or call 031 266 2258. 

ModuleDates Times 
ServiceRICHThursday, 12 July 201808:00 – 11:00Early Bird
ProfitRICHThursday, 12 July 201817:00 – 20:00Night Owls
ServiceRICH accountabilityThursday, 26 June 201808:00 – 09:30Early Bird
August DATES:
Wednesday, 08 August 201808:00 – 11:00Early Bird
CashRICHWednesday, 08 August 201817:00 – 20:00Night Owls
SystemsRICH accountability
Thursday, 23 August 201808:00 – 09:30Early Birds
CashRICH accountabilityThursday, 23 August 201817:00 – 18:30Night Owls


Programme curriculum

The end goal of an ActionCLUB mentorship programme is to build a “Commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you.” The club follows a repeating twelve-month educational curriculum comprising the following modules:

1. FocusRICH – Goal Setting and positioning for success

2. ProfitRICH – Financial Mastery and value creation

3. CashRICH – Understanding cash flow and cash gap

4. TimeRICH – Time Mastery

5. LeverageRICH – The 5 Ways marketing ‘chassis’

6. LeadGenerationRICH – Building your marketing machine

7. ConversionRICH – Converting sales opportunities into paying customers

8. ServiceRICH – Improving average Rand sale and getting clients to come back

9. SystemsRICH – Systemising your business for greater efficiency

10. TeamRICH – 6 Keys to a Winning Team

11. Leverage Game Evening – putting it all together in a fun environment

12. Year-end bonus workshops