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Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Doesn't matter if you are working from home or at the office, sometimes you need to dedicate time to clean up your office. Get rid of those loose papers on your desk, file away those invoices and re look at your planner and to do list.

Here is a spring cleaning checklist you can use to start:

1. Take in your whole office space and start in 1 section - Do you have a bookcase that books are not in an order? is your filing cabinet a mess?

2. Organize Paperwork - no matter how much we now do digitally there is always paper lying around from notes, delivery notes to invoices. Let's get those into some form of organised space ir a file, filing cabinet or a plastic sleeve.

2. Clean your work station - do you have a dirty coffee cup or half a glass of water thats been there since Tuesday? start with removing the things that aren't needed ont he desk and then start putting everything back where it belongs, in drawers pens in a holder of some kind etc.

3. Stationary and supplies- talking about pens and stationary have designated areas for these that are organised.

5. Find a Place for Temporary Items - If you receive lots of flyers, magazines, create a space just for them. Don’t mix them in with important invoices or client files put them somewhere we you can come back to them later if needed.

6.Eliminate Your Digital Clutter - Digital clutter is as frustrating to deal with as physical clutter. Clean out your inbox. Read, reply, and delete emails you no longer need. Remove unused desktop icons on your computer by filing documents away into folders. Another thing to look at during this exercise is your downloaded files, rename them to something you remember because one day you will look for them and wont be able to find them as when downloaded the come in as image 1. Avoid the frustration and chaos early on the declutter will eb easier.

7. Clean Your Furniture and Floors - now everything is organised and in its place, give everything a wipe down and clean. Especially in covid times we are more aware of our surfaces be mindful should someone walk in to your office that it is sanitised and clean as a courtesy. and your floors just a given, you may not notice that coffee drip on the floor but a potential client will.

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